Police Brutality · Bogus Search Warrant · No Probable Cause for Arrest

It is almost amazing to us how frequently police officers make critical mistakes during an arrest or search of a suspect’s person, vehicle, home or office. We believe that one of the most crucial parts of any effective criminal defense is an ability to examine every single detail in a wrongful arrest to uncover mistakes and violations of our clients’ rights.

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The fact is that in many cases, if we are able to establish that a criminal prosecution is based on evidence obtained in an illegal search or wrongful arrest, there is a very good chance that the charges will be dropped immediately. We will work hard to hold police officers and prosecutors responsible for their mistakes and bad acts, including:

  • Error or misconduct while obtaining or executing a search warrant
  • Warrantless searches, invasion of privacy and unlawful search and seizure
  • Lack of probable cause to issue a search warrant or execute a search
  • Police brutality and police misconduct
  • Defendant or witness statements made under duress
  • Any violation of local, state or federal law, police and evidence procedures or your constitutional rights

If you are under investigation in connection with a criminal offense, there is a chance you may be arrested or called in for questioning. If this happens, remember these things:

  • DO NOT waive your Miranda rights
  • DO NOT consent to searches without a proper search warrant
  • DO NOT allow police officers or investigators to convince you to make incriminating statements or give evidence
  • DO call an experienced criminal defense attorney the moment you suspect you are the target of a criminal investigation

The sooner you call Timothy Mitchell, the sooner we can step in to defend your rights and protect you against all forms of law enforcement misconduct. Contact our offices today to schedule an expert evaluation of your case to discuss how a wrongful arrest or illegal search can actually help in a criminal defense case.

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