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We are dedicated to providing aggressive representation and smart legal advice to clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia, regardless of the severity of the charge. We understand how important a misdemeanor charge is to you. Mr. Mitchell has handled thousands of misdemeanor cases in his over 20 years experience in the State and Federal Courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Mr. Mitchell is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who will work with you one-on-one to develop a sound legal strategy for minimizing the negative consequences of an investigation, arrest or prosecution for a misdemeanor criminal offense. As trial lawyers, our commitment to you is to fight for you at every stage of the process. Contact us today for an expert evaluation of your case.

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We believe that if you are planning on hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you should hire one that will fight hard for you, not give up and accept the first plea agreement that is offered. We apply the same degree of experience and personal involvement whether the case is a high-profile felony or a state misdemeanor charge, including:

  • Theft charges, ranging from shoplifting to burglary
  • Simple assault or other misdemeanor violent crimes
  • Misdemeanor possession of illegal drugs
  • Protective order violation

Criminal defense is not a game. We believe that protecting your rights, your future and your freedom against even minor misdemeanor charges is serious business. We will aggressively defend you against unlawful search and seizure, improper execution of search warrants, lack of probable cause, racial profiling of any kind and any other misconduct or mistake on the part of the police.

Contact our Maryland offices in Greenbelt and Columbia today to schedule an expert evaluation of your case with an effective misdemeanor criminal defense lawyer who can offer you the dedicated personal service and high-quality representation you need and deserve.

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