Drunk Driving Arrests

Mr. Mitchell has over 20 years of experience defending the rights of Maryland and District of Columbia drivers and can step in immediately to assist you with your Maryland or DC DUI. Mr. Mitchell realizes how serious a DUI charge can be for your livelihood and reputation. To assist you, he focuses on minimizing the negative consequences of a drunk driving charge by challenging each and every aspect of your case.

If you have recently been arrested for a DUI, Mr. Mitchell has the experience you will need to obtain an aggressive and successful defense. Mr. Mitchell has handled numerous successful trials in State and Federal Courts. In addition he has specialized training that very few other attorneys have. He recently completed a 40 hour NHTSA certified Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Course to get specialized training in how the tests are administered so that he may better represent you in your case. This is the same course that your officer was required to take in the police academy!

When Mr. Mitchell meets with you, he will go over every aspect of your case, from the police stop and field sobriety test to breath test and video evidence, if available. He will make sure you have the best and most dedicated DWI/DUI defense representation we can provide at every stage of the process. Let us get to work today to protect your future. Contact our offices for an expert evaluation of your case.

Federal DWI/DUI Defense Attorney · For an Expert Case Evaluation call 301-345-9555

If you are arrested for drunk driving on any federal land, army base, air force base or federally-maintained highway (such as the Baltimore-Washington Parkway), you may find yourself facing criminal charges in federal court. In federal DUI cases, the standard of proof is slightly different and there are fewer guarantees of your rights. Specifically, your ability to appeal a conviction is not as certain as in state courts, and you have no right to a new trial if a judge makes a mistake.

Not all DWI/DUI defense lawyers have the same combination of courtroom skill, knowledge of federal drunk driving laws and procedures, and personal dedication to making sure our clients have the support and aggressive representation they need and deserve. If you need an attorney who will fight for your rights, your future and your good name, contact us today.