We Handle Criminal and Traffic Cases in Montgomery County

If you have a pending criminal or traffic matter in Montgomery County, call our office.  Criminal and DUI defense attorney Timothy Mitchell has extensive experience handling criminal and traffic cases in the Montgomery County Courts. He is often in the Circuit and District Courts of Montgomery County, and has obtained verdicts of not guilty in criminal and DUI cases in both of those courts.  Montgomery County is particular in the way they handle criminal cases, and you can rely upon Timothy Mitchell’s experience and knowledge of the prosecutors and judges to best help you with your criminal or DUI case. It is especially important in Montgomery County to find a lawyer that is familiar with your type of case, and with experience on how that case will be handled in Montgomery County.

Mr. Mitchell is an experienced criminal defense attorney and has extensive experience handling Criminal, DUI/DWI, and traffic cases of nearly every type in Montgomery County, and is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in Montgomery County.  Call us at 301-345-9555

If you are looking for one of the best criminal defense attorneys to help you in your criminal or traffic case, you can comfortably rely upon Mr. Mitchell’s judgment and experience in the Courts of Montgomery County.  Mr. Mitchell can help you favorably resolve your criminal or DUI matter in the District or Circuit Courts of Montgomery County. He can also help you understand the particular problems that you may experience in Montgomery County, and can address any concerns that you may have with your particular case.

Montgomery County Circuit Court

50 Maryland Avenue,
Rockville, Maryland

District Courts:

District Court for Montgomery County in Rockville

191 East Jefferson Street
Rockville, MD 20850-2630

District Court for Montgomery County in Silver Spring

8552 Second Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3364

Montgomery County General Information

Montgomery County is located in Central Maryland. The county seat is Rockville, Maryland. The county has 11 District Court judges, and 21 Circuit Court judges. The District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County is located at 27 Courthouse Sq, Rockville, Maryland. The Circuit Court for Montgomery County is located at 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, Maryland.  Parking is limited near the courthouse, and all parking is paid parking.  The Courthouse is also within walking distance from the Rockville Metro Station.

For an expert evaluation of your case in Montgomery County, please call us at 301-345-9555.

Whatever you do, whether you hire Mr. Mitchell or not, our advice is that if you have a pending criminal case in Montgomery County, DON’T GO TO COURT ALONE!