We Handle Criminal and Traffic Cases in Howard County District and Circuit Courts

Timothy Mitchell, Esq. is a former Assistant State’s Attorney for Howard County with over 25 years experience to help you with your criminal or traffic case   It is important in Howard County to find a lawyer that is familiar with your type of case, and with experience on how that case will be handled in Howard County.  With his years of experience in the Howard County Courts, he is very aware of how cases are handled by the Howard County District and Circuit Courts.  He is familiar with both the Circuit Court and District Court judges and has worked with nearly every Howard County prosecutor in Howard County from his many years experience in Howard County.

For an example of a high profile case that Mr. Mitchell successfully handled in Howard County, you may read about it here:

State v. G. D.

For a video of the story you may click here:

Howard County Circuit Court 


8360 Court Ave
Ellicott City, MD

District Court for Howard County

3451 Courthouse Drive
Ellicott City, MD

Howard County General Information

Howard County is located in Central Maryland. The county seat is Ellicott City, Maryland. The county has 5 District Court judges, and 5 Circuit Court judges. The District Court of Maryland for Howard County is located at 3451 Courthouse Dr, Ellicott City, Maryland. The Circuit Court for Howard County is located at 8360 Court Ave, Ellicott City, Maryland.  Parking is free in both the Circuit and District Courts.

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 Whatever you do, whether you hire Mr. Mitchell or not, our advice is that if you have a pending criminal case in Howard County, we strongly recommend that you DON’T GO TO COURT ALONE!