Do you have a Case that will Attract Media Attention? 

Timothy Mitchell is familiar with high profile criminal and traffic cases and can manage the media effectively. He is experienced giving public statements that communicate to the viewing public through local and national media to best benefit the client. If you need the help of a seasoned and media savvy criminal defense lawyer, contact us today to schedule a completely confidential consultation to discuss an effective means of managing media publicity.

Mr. Mitchell understands that minimizing media attention may be the best way to assist our clients. Even an excellent defense attorney can make a serious mistake when unfamiliar with the way today’s television, newspaper and social media coverage can affect the tenor of an investigation or prosecution. It can be a serious mistake in a high-profile case to rely on any criminal defense lawyer inexperienced with the media.

We understand that prosecutors are often looking to make an example (and further their careers) by appearing tough on a celebrity defendant. We know how to manage the media and the State’s Attorneys’ offices in Maryland and the District of Columbia to minimize the negative consequences to our high-profile clients’ lives.

If you need the immediate assistance of an experienced criminal defense litigator with exceptional media strategy skills, contact our offices today to receive a comprehensive expert case evaluation.

For an example of one of our high profile cases, click on the video below: