Have you Been Charged with a Gang-Related Charge?

Mr. Mitchell has the knowledge and experience to provide you with an aggressive defense to serious felony cases. The evidence in these cases can involve tens of thousands of documents and photographs, hours of video surveillance and wiretap recordings, and the testimony of numerous witnesses and police informants. To discuss your case with an experienced defense lawyer, contact us for an expert evaluation of your case.

Timothy Mitchell has handled nearly every type of offense including:

  • Murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault or other gang violence charge
  • Robbery, arson, grand theft or other property crime
  • Rape or sexual assault
  • Gang-related drug trafficking
  • Gang-related gun charges
  • Obstruction of justice, money laundering and racketeering in connection with gang-related crime

Attorney Timothy S. Mitchell has acted as lead counsel in high-profile gang cases on behalf of clients charged with RICO violations and gang violence, and has fought the Maryland state legislature’s attempt to enact a law designed to restrict the rights of people accused of witness tampering and witness intimidation in the wake of the controversial Stop Snitchin’ video.

An effective criminal defense in gang violence and other gang-related criminal cases almost always involves a significant investment in time and resources. We are able and willing to make that investment to protect your rights and your future. Our firm is dedicated to offering top-notch criminal defense services to clients involved in complex and high-profile cases in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

If you need the immediate assistance of an experienced defense attorney who understands MD/DC area gang violence crimes and drug trafficking cases, contact our offices today.  301-345-9555