Have You Been Charged with a Federal Crime in Federal Court?

Federal Criminal cases are complex and have the potential for lengthy jail time. If you have been charged with a Federal Conspiracy charge, you should get an attorney like Mr. Mitchell who has over 20 years of experience handling Federal cases.

What is a Federal Conspiracy Charge?

Often our clients are unaware of the exact nature of what is meant by the criminal charge of conspiracy. In simple terms, conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit an underlying criminal offense.  What makes it complex is that it does not matter if any specific language was used in forming the agreement. Simply becoming involved with another person in the commission of a crime can subject you to the overall conspiracy and the legal consequences of the actions of everyone involved.  Just one simple act can lead to a serious and life-altering federal conspiracy charge. If you are under investigation or formally charged with conspiracy, contact us now.

What We Offer

When we review and handle a federal conspiracy case, we pursue every angle of the case in order to attack the foundation of a federal conspiracy charge. As an experienced criminal defense attorney handling Conspiracy cases, Mr. Mitchell fully examines each aspect of the prosecution’s case, particularly evidence relating to the alleged underlying crime. If the government cannot prove a crime was committed, it cannot prove you were involved in a conspiracy to commit that crime.

Our Experience

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Mitchell has handled complex and lengthy federal conspiracy trials in the Maryland Federal Courts.  Whether it is a drug conspiracy or a financial fraud conspiracy, Mr. Mitchell will know how to defend you.  If you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will pursue an innovative and individualized strategy of defending your rights and your future against a serious federal conspiracy charge, contact our office today for an expert evaluation of your case.  Call us at 301-345-9555