Have you been charged with a Domestic Assault or a Protective Order?

We provide aggressive defense of domestic assault and protective orders. A protective order or a charge of assault can dramatically affect your employment and civil rights. Even though it may not seem important now, you should consult with Timothy Mitchell to determine how this can affect your life and to know your rights. He has handled hundreds of these cases, and will be able to provide you with the advice you need. Don’t wait until it is too late! Call today. Our number is below.

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Shielding of Protective and Peace Orders from Public View

If you were charged with a Peace or Protective Order you might be eligible to petition the court to clear prior protective and peace orders. If you have been accused of a peace or protective order and the court either dropped the case or denied the request, you might be eligible for Shielding.  To find out if you are eligible, call us at 301-345-9555.

Timothy Mitchell is an experienced defense lawyer who can offer you sound legal guidance and dedicated representation in Maryland and in the District of Columbia if you are charged with a domestic violence charge, including:

  • Spousal abuse and domestic violence assault charges
  • Stalking, terroristic threats and telephone harassment charges
  • Protective orders and Peace orders

Contact our offices today to schedule an expert evaluation of your case with an experienced and effective domestic violence defense attorney.  At our firm you will find knowledgeable advice and strong representation, not judgment or condemnation.