We Handle Criminal and Traffic Cases in Baltimore County and in Baltimore City

If your criminal or traffic case is in either the Circuit or District Court for Baltimore County or Baltimore City, call Timothy Mitchell today.  He is one of the best attorneys you can find who handles criminal cases in either Baltimore County or Baltimore City.  Baltimore County and City, like many jurisdictions in Maryland are particular in the way they handle criminal cases.   Therefore it is wise to find an attorney such as Timothy Mitchell who is experienced in the County and City who will be familiar with your type of case, and will have the experience on how that case will be handled there.

The way your case is handled depends upon who the judge is, and who the prosecutor is that is handling the case. Mr. Mitchell has the experience to help you favorably resolve your criminal or traffic matter in the District or Circuit Courts of Baltimore County and Baltimore City. He can help you understand the particular problems that you may experience in either the County or City, or the concerns that you should have with your particular case.

Baltimore County:


Baltimore County Circuit Court

Baltimore County General Information

Baltimore County is located in Central Maryland. The county seat is Towson, Maryland. The county has 13 District Court judges, and 17 Circuit Court judges. The District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County is located at 120 E. Chesapeake Ave, Towson, Maryland. The Circuit Court for Baltimore County is located at 301 Bosley Ave, Towson, Maryland.

Baltimore City:

Baltimore City Circuit Court

Circuit Court address:

100 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Baltimore City District Courts:

District Court Building Wabash Ave
5800 Wabash Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215-3330

District Court Fayette Civil Division
501 East Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21202-4013

Eastside District Court Building
1400 E. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21213-1407

John R. Hargrove, Sr. Building
700 E. Patapsco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225-1900

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Whatever you do, whether you hire Mr. Mitchell or not, our advice is that if you have a pending criminal case in Baltimore County or Baltimore City, DON’T GO TO COURT ALONE!